Alan Ng

Photographs are good stimulant for the permeation of emotions.

There’s a story behind every single photo. What’s your story behind it?

Alan Ng Photography specialize in events photography, ranging from birthdays to D&D to wedding photography and many more. The passionate photographer, Alan Ng, emphasizes greatly on the importance to capture the precious moments during an event. The smile on people’s face acts as an inspiration and trigger his desire to click the shutter. It might be just that split seconds of happiness, but these moments last a lifetime once it is captured. As a wedding photographer specialist, he has conducted several actual wedding photography and believes that it truly captures the essence of treasured memories.

“Photography ignited a spark into my life and enhanced my awareness on the beautiful sights of the world, and that is also why I love to document the meaningful moments in life.” - An ardent statement said by Alan.

To view more of Alan Ng's works, you can proceed to www.alan-ngphotography.com or www.instagram.com/alan_ngphotography

For any enquiries or collaborations, do feel free to drop us an email at alanphotography.sg@gmail.com. Thank you!